I have tried a couple of slimming pills during my time.. With mixed results. SlimSpa’s latest Slimming Capsule is the true Superstar amongst weight loss solutions. Small in size but very effective! I have lost 8Kgs in just over 2 weeks. Need I say more?

Cornela Lim
38 - Financial Advisor

Testimonial Cornela Lim

My work requires me to sit for long hours in a confined space and I don’t like to work-out, SlimSpa is perfect for me. I have lost 24 Kgs without doing any exercises! SlimSpa’s daily reminders where also super helpful so I would not forget to take SlimSpa Six Pack before each meal. No more Fat! Just pure muscles. My girlfriend loves my new body!

David Ng

Testimonial David Ng

I was a green tea purist until I tasted SlimSpa green tea with cranberry, this is truely a great tasting tea. Health is important at my age, LingZhi spores and powerful detox formula is a very welcome addition to my diet, I drink it daily and feel strong!

Albert Chua
62 - Engineer

Testimonial Albert Chua

I love the fast effect of SlimSpa removing the flab of my upper arms, it has also helped reducing my dark spots on my skin! This is really a great Slimming Gel and not sticky at all like most others! The cooling sensation and fresh sent is also a plus for me.

Amirah Wan
42 - Engineer

Testimonial Amirah Wan

It has always been hard for me to loose weight, but my “sis” pointed me in the right direction, she lost over 12Kg’s in under one month, what a change! So I decided to give SlimSpa Body Worx a shot. It helped me to stop snacking and not feeling hungry all the time. The best part for me is dropping weight. Finally there is a Slimming product that really works for me. Try it, this really works!

Clara Ng
29 - Restaurant Owner

Testimonial Clara Ng

I want to look fit to represent my small fashion store. I had to lose weight! I did try to cut down on my meals. But it never worked. SlimSpa Six Pack is helping my control my carb intake, and it works as advertised! No hidden agenda, no fake promises. Just results! SlimSpa Six Pack really works for me and I look fit and fashionable.

Peter Lim
Fashion Retail Store Owner

Testimonial Peter Lim

I love Malay food, unfortunately it is also very calorie heavy, I had to get rid of my flabby tummy fast!

SlimSpa Professional Advanced is working like a dream come true, the bulge on my tummy, hip and thighs have all started to vanish and I have a figure I never had before. 6Kgs in 10 days!!

Anila Narayanan
33 - Finance Professional

Testimonial Anila Narayanan