How long has SlimSpa been around Singapore?

SlimSpa been around for 8 years and is still continuously improving, innovating, giving and serving the best quality products to its valued clients and customers.

What is the recommended dosage? Directions?

As instructed, it is recommended to take 1 tablet, 20 minutes before each meal with a large glass of water or juice, making it 3 tablets per day (please see each product instruction).

What are the benefits of taking SlimSpa?

SlimSpa works in a way where it helps burn fats and bind fat in the food you take. It balances the nutrition you get from the food you eat as well as blocks carbohydrates, controls your appetite, blocks sugar cravings, increases energy and your metabolism.

Who should not take SlimSpa?

a) Women who are pregnant, might become pregnant or are breast-feeding.

b) People who are under the age of 17 or over the age of 65.

c) People who are anorexic or suffering from bulimia.

d) People who have drugs or alcohol problems.

What makes SlimSpa so effective?

SlimSpa has 38 natural ingredients carefully formulated with 8 Action formula to give you fast and effective slimming.

How am I assured that this product is of the best quality?

Our state-of-art facility in America. Our manufacturer is FDA registered and licensed. Our manufacturer also complies with strict industry and government regulations, including the FDA’s and GMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

How effective is SlimSpa? Will I definitely lose weight by taking SlimSpa? How soon will I see results?

Our state-of-art facility in America. Our manufacturer is FDA registered and licensed. Our manufacturer also complies with strict industry and government regulations, including the FDA’s and GMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Is it safe to take SlimSpa?

SlimSpa is manufactured under US FDA GMP standards, hence, it is produced under the strictest control and regulations. To further ensure it’s safeness, SlimSpa was tested by HSA of Singapore and qualified as safe to be sold in Singapore.

Are there any side effects when taking SlimSpa?

SlimSpa is made from natural herb and botanical ingredients which are specially formulated to work naturally with your body for effective weight loss therefore you should experience no side effects. To date, there has been no feedback by customers regarding any side effects Both men and women who are over the age of 17 years can take SlimSpa. If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your doctor before taking SlimSpa.

When taking SlimSpa, do I have to be on a special/strict diet?

As long as you take SlimSpa, you are free to eat anything you like. However, it is best to avoid big servings and opt for smaller portions. Healthy eating is essential as SlimSpa will convert the food required by your body and block out excess fat.

Is it possible to take SlimSpa with other slimming products?

Our data shows effective weight loss when taking SlimSpa alone. However, we do not have any evidence that taking SlimSpa with other slimming products will increase its effectiveness.

What is SlimSpa used for?

SlimSpa is used to reduce body weight in obese or overweight people and those who wants to shed additional weight. It uses a formulation of 38 natural ingredients carefully formulated for fast and effective slimming.

If I do not eat for a day, can I take SlimSpa?

SlimSpa is safe to be consumed whether you eat or not. But there is no reason for you to starve. Our recommended instructions are to continue eating 3 times a day with normal servings. It is vital to eat right at all times to have the energy and nutrition your body needs.

When you must not use SlimSpa?

It is important to discuss with your doctor honestly about your medical condition. If you have any of the following medical conditions: very high blood pressure; high blood pressure in the lung; problems with the valves in your heart, disease related to blood vessels in the brain; severe heart disease including changes in the rhythm or rate of the heart beat, narrowing of the blood vessels due to thickening or hardening of the blood vessel wall and overactive thyroid gland.

I experience palpitation, is it normal? What should I do?

Yes, This is normal. That’s because SlimSpa has an ingredient called Guarana Seeds that gives similar effect to caffeine. You should drink a lot of water.

I can't Sleep after taking.

Take it earlier.

I didn’t see any result?

How do you use SlimSpa (we usually try to uncover on how customers are using SlimSpa).

Can I take SlimSpa Tea with other SlimSpa products?

Yes, it is encouraged as this will help speed up weight loss.

Can I take SlimSpa with vitamins?

Yes, take them one hour apart.

My child is below 16 years old, can she/he take SlimSpa?

No, we do not encourage as children 16 years old or below are usually still growing taller and heavier.

If I stop taking SlimSpa, after losing weight will my weight bounce back?

No, as long as you maintain your lifestyle. But as a maintenance program, most of our customers will take SlimSpa before heavy meals.

Do I have to go to the toilet very often?

It depends on individual body. You may be passing urine more. But this is normal as you are passing out excess water.

What is the proper program?

For effective slimming, it is recommended to follow these 3 steps:

1) Detox – cleanse your system

2) Slimming – lose weight

3) Toning – tightens and firms body

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