About SlimSpa

Safe and effective slimming solutions

SlimSpa is dedicated to offer the safest and most effective “over the counter” slimming products available on the market.

With challenges as the current world obesity epidemic we are putting all our efforts into educating our customers to assist the person who wants to loose weight with the right tools and products. Living a healthy life and to enable others to do so, is our mission.

Success of SlimSpa

In compliance with international and local health regulation, our team of research scientists and nutritionists are formulating SlimSpa for each specific region and demographic.

We discovered at a very early stage that not all people respond the same way to weight loss. In understanding the eating habits, lifestyle and body type in each of our export areas, SlimSpa has been able to provide effective slimming solutions to its international customers.


All of our product lines are manufactured in GMP, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facilities that comply to the strictest FDA regulations and inspections, ensuring that each batch that leaves our facilities is identical to its previous batch. Quality control and product excellence is our passion.