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SlimSpa is dedicated to offer the safest and most effective “over the counter” slimming products available on the market.

With challenges as the current world obesity epidemic we are putting all our efforts into educating our customers to assist the person who wants to loose weight with the right tools and products. Living a healthy life and to enable others to do so, is our mission.

SlimSpa has launched its NEW formulation

To achieve even faster weight loss all our production line has been reformulated taking advantage of your latest R&D results.

SlimSpa Professional

Advanced Formulation for effective fast and safe slimming for your whole body.

SlimSpa Professional is the most effective weight-loss formula, now with 38 active ingredients. Manufactured under the USA FDA GMP strictest standards, this improved weight loss formula ensures your body receives the nutrients it needs while losing weight, keeping it off and toning it.

Enjoy the healthier, trimmer and slimmer. Besides acting as a fast slimming product, SlimSpa Professional resupplies your body with vital vitamins and minerals that are essential for a “healthy and safe” diet program.

Effective, natural, safe: Achieve your ideal weight fast with long-lasting results!


Mr Thong lost 17 kg in only 10 weeks!

I started with AM/PM DetoxDeluxe to cleanse my body and flush my colon. After 2 weeks I started to use SlimSpa Professional Advanced Series for 8 weeks, while drinking SlimSpa Slim&Detox green tea for the entire duration.

I have so much more energy, specially important to catch up with my daughters.
Weight Lost Thong Chia Chi

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